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Online Bible in various translations and languages

24/7 Community Prayer

"Pray without ceasing," says I Thessalonians 5:17

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Locale Chapters

MCGI Singapore

The official website of MCGI Singapore chapter

MCGI SF Bay Area

The official website of MCGI San Francisco Bay Area

MCGI Japan

The official website of MCGI Japan chapter

MCGI Australia

The official website of MCGI Australia chapter

MCGI New Zealand

The official website of MCGI New Zealand chapter

Advocacies & Charity Works

Ang Dating Daan

Ang Dating Daan TV Official Website

The Old Path

The Old Path TV Official Website

O Caminho Antigo

O Caminho Antigo TV Official Website

El Camino Antiguo

El Camino Antiguo TV Official Website

"Cleave to What is Good"

Bro Eliseo Soriano

The Official Website | The Truth Caster

Daniel Razon

The Official Website

UNTV Official Website


LA VERDAD 1350 kHz »


A Song of Praise Music Festival

Kamanggagawa Foundation, Inc.

A Manila-based non-profit organization which seeks to improve the quality of life...